Social Media Policy


Social Media Policy

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation effectively uses Twitter, Facebook and other social media for Internet communication and as a public relations tool in dealing with customers’ inquiries and supporting guests.

Staff members who manage the social media accounts of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation carry out their duties in compliance with the stance, activities and basic manners as presented below.

Awareness and responsibility about transmitting information on social media

  • Always be aware of the fact that information transmitted on the Internet is accessible by a large and indefinite number of users.
  • Be fully aware of the fact that the transmission of information by one person has significant consequences.
  • Comply with laws and regulations and internal rules established by Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation when transmitting information.
  • Always be conscious of the fact that facilitating communication with external stakeholders will greatly contribute to the enhancement of the TLC brand and the Tokyu brand.

Stance in participating in social media

  • Do not forget to pay attention to statements made by users.
  • Learn through experience, and share that experience with a broad range of people both internally and externally, contributing to the growth of a number of individuals and communities.
  • Be responsible for information transmission and responding to users, and pay attention so that no misunderstanding will take place.
  • Refrain from making statements that include personal information.
  • Be aware that once information is published, it will never be able to be completely deleted.
  • Meet each responsibility in all daily operations.

Information and requests for customers and users

  • Information transmitted via social media by Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation (or its staff members) may not always represent the official views of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation. Please always be aware of this fact in advance. Official announcements are published on the website of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation or through news releases.
  • Please note that information on social media is based on information available at the time of transmission, and it may be subject to change.
  • Please note in advance that each account has different communication methods (methods of responses and the length of time given to responses)

Please refer to the page,"Privacy Policy"on the website for the protection of personal information.