Business Overview


Property Management & Operation

Providing inspiring experiences for our customers

Condominium management, building and facility management, renovation construction, rental conference rooms, hotels, leisure, healthcare, greening

Business overview

Our Property Management & Operation segment focuses on developing a wide range of customer-centric businesses, including the property management business that helps maintain and improve asset value, the wellness business that helps promote health and develop more affluent lifestyles business. We are seeking to transform ourselves into an intellectual asset-intensive business by exploiting our long-amassed expertise and accumulated data stores in real estate development, management, and operation. We will pursue customer satisfaction by maximizing the value of our customers' assets and facilities.

Major projects

Property Management

Condominiums, Office Buildings, Commercial Facilities

Tokorozawa Sakura Town
Futako Tamagawa Rise
Shopping Center
Ecopa Stadium

Public Facilities

Sendai Airport (operations)
Members' Office Building of the House of Councillors
Shinagawa Gotanda
Cultural Center Planetarium
Shizuoka City Shimizu
Cultural Center Marinart



TOKYU Harvest Club VIALA
Kinugawa Keisui
Tokyu Stay Hida-Takayama
Musubi no Yu
LXR Hotels & Resorts
Hyatt Regency
Seragaki Island, Okinawa

Senior Housing

Creer Residence Yokohama Tokaichiba
Grancreer Setagaya Nakamachi
Grancreer Tachikawa
Grancreer Shibaura
Care Residence

Other Facilities and Services

Niseko Mountain Resort
ASO Tokyu Golf Club
Tokyu Sports Oasis
EWEL, Inc.

Tokyu Community Corp.

Proposal of Digital Solutions

Building management operations such as daily checks and meter reading are digitized and streamlined. Data are accumulated in the building management core system “BeSS” developed by this company and optimal maintenance and management solutions are proposed to customers.

Robot Solutions

We have started introducing robots to improve the efficiency and quality of operations. Based on detailed consulting and simulations, robots are selected and proposed according to the characteristics of the building.