Stock and Bond Information

Investor Relations

Stock and Bond Information

  • Basic Stock Information

    This section provides basic information on the Company's stock.

  • Return to Shareholders (Dividends, etc.)

    This section provides information on shareholder return policies, changes in dividends, and status of acquisition of treasury stock.

  • Shareholders Meeting Information

    This section provides convocation notices for meetings of shareholders, notices of resolution, and results of exercising of voting rights.

  • Shareholder Composition

    This section provides information on principal shareholders, as well as distribution of shareholders by type of shareholder.

  • Corporate Bond and Ratings

    This section provides information on the status of bond issuance and ratings.

  • Sustainability Finance

    This section provides information on the overviews of Sustainability Finance.

  • Analyst Coverage

    This section provides a list of analysts who have covered topics related to the Company, such as reviews of the Company's performance.

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