Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

An Important Messages for Users of the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation Website:

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation") will promote the following initiatives and responsibly protect the personal information of our customers to provide excellent products and services as well as carefully handle the personal information of our customers in recognition of the importance thereof.

1. (Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, etc.)

The Corporation will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and ordinances and the guidelines for the protection of personal information, etc.

2. (Internal System)

The Corporation shall establish a compliance system for the protection of personal information by establishing the internal regulations and rules necessary for each operation regarding the handling of personal information and the system and by structuring the organization, including appointing managers for each department.

3. (Acquisition of Personal Information)

When acquiring personal information from customers, the Corporation will do so to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use after indicating this purpose to customers.

4. (Use of Personal Information)

When using customers’ personal information, the Corporation will do so to the extent of the purpose of use and will not use it for any other purpose beyond such use. It should be noted that the respective companies of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP may use the information acquired from customers. The Corporation respectfully asks any customers who do not want such information to be used to communicate with the inquiry contact.

5. (Limitation on Provision to Third Parties)

The Corporation will not provide or disclose to any third party any personal information of its customers without customers’ consent, unless such information is provided to any parties other than the respective companies of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP, unless prior consent is obtained from customers, unless the provision of such information is prohibited according to customers’ feedback, or unless it is required under laws and ordinances or any other similar cases.

6. (The Disclosure, Revision, Addition or Deletion, or Cessation of the Use or Elimination of Personal Information)

When any customers request the confirmation, correction, etc. of personal information regarding the personal information of customers held by the Corporation, the Corporation will promptly respond to the request to a reasonable and necessary extent. It should be noted that customers may be required to have their identity verified to follow various procedures. In addition, we respectfully ask you to understand that the Corporation may ask customers to pay a fee or charge.

7. (Ensuring Accuracy)

The Corporation will take appropriate measures to maintain the accuracy of customers’ personal information and keep it current.

8. (Safety Management Measures)

The Corporation will strictly manage the personal information of customers and take preventive and security measures against the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leak thereof and other events.

9. (Internal Education)

The Corporation will provide its employees with education and training regarding the protection of personal information to make them thoroughly aware of the details of the protection of personal information.

10. (Supervision of Contractors)

When the Corporation uses the personal information of customers, the Corporation may entrust the personal information of customers to a third party to a legitimate extent. The Corporation will obligate such third-party contractors to strictly manage the personal information and will supervise them.

11. (Continual Review of the Internal System)

The Corporation will continually review and improve its regulations for the handling of personal information and its organizational system for implementing the regulations to ensure the effective and appropriate application thereof in a sustainable manner.

12. (About the Use of Cookies)

On the homepage of the Corporation, information called “cookies” may be transmitted to users’ computers to provide services for those customers accessing the homepage of the Corporation and to verify traffic information. This information will be stored on the hard disk or in the memory of users’ computers. This cookie information will be used exclusively for a marketing analysis of the Corporation’s homepage and to provide various services without infringing on the privacy of customers.

13. (About Disclaimers)

The Corporation’s homepage contains links to outside websites. The Corporation will not be liable for the provisions of these outside websites regarding the protection of personal information.

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation will use the personal information it acquires according to the following purposes of use:

1. To engage in business activities such as visits, the dispatch of direct mail, solicitation by telephone or electronic mail, etc., and to follow the operating procedures, etc. pertaining to contracts regarding the following businesses:

  • (1) The management, lease, sale or purchase, brokerage, undertaking of sale or purchase, consulting, and appraisal of real estate
  • (2) The construction of residential areas, etc., building and civil engineering work, landscape gardening, and design and supervision, construction, contracting, and agency of work for incidental facilities
  • (3) The manufacture, sale, and import or export of construction materials
  • (4) The management of commercial facilities, accommodations, amusement places, restaurants, parking spaces, sports facilities, etc.
  • (5) Retail businesses
  • (6) Welfare agency businesses
  • (7) The sale or purchase, agency, and management of a special purpose company, investments in special purpose companies (companies defined in the Ordinance on Terminology, Forms and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements, etc.), and real estate investment trusts and equity interests, etc.
  • (8) The Type II financial instruments business and investment advisory and agency business provided for in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the investment management business
  • (9) The business of managing investment corporation assets and the investment trust managing business under the Act on Investment Trust and Investment Corporations
  • (10) Loans or loan brokerages secured by real estate and the rights or securities related to real estate and other money lending, loan operating procedures agencies, or debt guarantee
  • (11) The management of private nursing homes, the in-home long-term care service business, and preventive service for the long-term care business under the Long-Term Care Insurance Act
  • (12) The management of businesses related to aerial tramway and lift, etc.
  • (13) Travel-related businesses
  • (14) Businesses under the Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise Act
  • (15) The telecommunications business and the electric power service business
  • (16) The development, design, sales, operation, and management of computer systems and software
  • (17) Non-life insurance agency businesses and operations related to life insurance agencies
  • (18) General lease/rental businesses
  • (19) Warehousing businesses and automobile/freight transportation businesses
  • (20) Worker dispatching businesses under the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers
  • (21) Security service businesses under the Security Services Act
  • (22) Heating services and the maintenance of heating facilities
  • (23) Other general commercial business
  • (24) Any business incidental or related to those described in the respective items above

The above businesses may be added, amended, or abolished.

2. To use the personal information for market trends analyses, customer satisfaction surveys, or surveys/analyses for product development, etc. related to the respective businesses described in 1. above.

3. To perform and exercise the obligations and rights of the Corporation and take any actions incidental thereto.

4. Personal information appropriately acquired through the following mediums, etc. that are published or commercially available may be used for the respective purposes of paragraphs 1 and 2 above.

  • (1) Real estate registers
  • (2) Cadastral maps
  • (3) Commercial registries
  • (4) Credit information organizations
  • (5) Credit research agencies
  • (6) Lists of high-income taxpayers
  • (7) Housing maps
  • (8) Telephone directories
  • (9) Basic resident registers
  • (10) Lists that may be used by any third parties (such as lists of graduates, lists of neighborhood associations, etc.)
  • (11) Any other personal information that is properly and legitimately available commercially or published

5. Personal information (name, address, telephone number, electronic mail address, etc.) may be provided to the respective companies of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP and other third parties in the form of electronic data or a list printed on paper such as mailing labels, etc.

Major companies of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP, etc.

As a general real estate developer, engages in "office-related," "commercial," "residential," "resort," "senior" and other businesses to help create harmony between people and their environment. Addresses social issues and creates new value through the business activities of its own and the group companies.

Engages in the general life service business by supporting a comfortable living/business environment, and has a sound business record mainly in apartment/building management.

Engages in the general real estate distribution business through a nationwide business network based on three main businesses: a real estate agency for sales, purchases, and leases; a sales consignment business for newly built apartments, detached houses, etc.; and a leasing business.

Deploys general specialty stores providing tools, materials, and parts related to home and housing life, aiming to help create a culture of living.

Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation
Tokyu Housing Lease was founded on April 1, 2014 with the goal of integrating the leased housing management businesses operated by Tokyu Community Corporation, Tokyu Livable, Inc. and Tokyu Relocation Co., Ltd. Until March 2015, these three companies will continue their sales activities, and in April 2015 Tokyu Housing Lease will be taking over the operations of the three companies to commence sales activities.

Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd.
Tokyu Resorts & Stays is a comprehensive operating company involved with the operation of more than 100 facilities around Japan. Utilizing the operating skills we have cultivated over many years and a track record on numerous projects in the private and public sectors, we offer three operational support services: contracted operation, management agreements and consulting agreements.

As an expert in villa resorts, provides support services all over Japan, including the sales consignment and brokerage of new villas, detached cottages, holiday apartments, and the members-only resort hotel "TOKYU Harvest Club."

Engages in the environmental improvement business through landscape gardening for both houses and resorts using a total engineering system that integrates the skills of craftsmen along with planning/design capabilities.

Engages in the guarantee business for home loans and other businesses.

Tokyu Fudosan Next Generation Engineering Center Inc.
A think tank that provides marketing and support services for environmental management related to real estate, housing life, urban development, resorts, and various service businesses.

Manages a members-only fitness club, mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and the Kansai district. Provides various programs from orthodox exercise to relaxation, and aims to become the most trustworthy club in the local community by meeting customer demands.

Engages in the agency business of providing insurance to customers, including risk management through nonlife insurance, etc.

Engages in the management and operation of "senior housing and private nursing care homes based on security and kindness" making use of its know-how in homemaking and facilities management toward a safe and comfortable senior life for the elderly.

Engages in operation and management, planning, and consulting businesses for commercial facilities by creating unique, exciting, attractive , commercial facilities/spaces in an endeavor to help develop the local community and contribute to the society.
It should be noted that the provision of personal information to the companies above may be ceased upon the request of the relevant person who is the subject of the information.

6. Any purposes other than the purposes described above may be indicated separately for the respective businesses described in 1. above. In that case, the purposes shall constitute the purpose of use of the Corporation’s personal information in addition to the Purpose of Use.

Procedures, etc. for information disclosure, correction, and the cessation of use of personal information

1. Contact for disclosure, revision, the cessation of use of personal information, and inquiries about personal information

General Affairs Supervision Division, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation

2. Procedures for information disclosure

Upon the request of the relevant person who is the subject of the information, that person’s personal information will be disclosed according to the following method:

  • (1) For the disclosure of the information, the relevant person must communicate with the contact described above and make a request therefor by filling out the designated request form (request for the disclosure of personal information) sent by the Corporation stating the necessary matters and sending it accompanied by copies of official evidence such as a residence certificate, driver's license, etc.
  • (2) For the disclosure of the information, the relevant person must pay a fee of 1,000 yen. Please enclose a postal order for 1,000 yen when sending the request for disclosure.
  • (3) It will take at least two (2) weeks from the receipt of the request for disclosure until an answer thereto. The answer will be sent to the address of the relevant person in writing by mail.
  • (4) If it is judged that disclosing the information would hinder the business operations of the Corporation or any other cases, the disclosure of the information may be limited.

3. Procedures for requesting the correction, cessation of use, or cessation of provision to a third party of information

Upon the request of the relevant person who is the subject of the information, a request for the correction of the information, a request for the cessation of use of the information, or a request for the cessation of the provision of information to a third party will be accepted according to the following method:

  • (1) To request the correction or cessation of use of the information, the relevant person must make the request therefor to the contact described above and the Corporation will accept it after verifying the identity of the relevant person. If the identity of the relevant person cannot be verified, the request may be refused.
  • (2) If it is judged that accepting the request would hinder the business operations of the Corporation, the correction or cessation of use of the information may be limited to the extent not in violation of laws and ordinances or the purposes of use of the Corporation.