Business Overview


Real Estate Agents

Leading a sound stock-based society

Real estate agents (sales and leasing), Consignment sales, Real estate sales, Real estate solutions, Management of rental housing

Business Overview

In the Real Estate Agents segment, we provide solutions related to the use of real estate stock, such as real-estate sales agent service and consignment sales, and engage in operations related to rental housing management. We create new revenue opportunities by leading the transformation of real estate agents through the effective use of digital technologies and intellectual assets. We will also play a role in realizing appealing lifestyles, a goal of the Group, and contribute to the sound development of a stock utilization-based society.

Major projects

Real estate brokerage business

Tokyu Livable, Inc. offers the Speed AI Appraisal service on its website, enabling users to instantly calculate real estate values. This service can be easily used by customers who want to know the sales price and rent of their properties to prepare for a relocation or job transfer.

Tokyu Livable, Inc. has launched PROPERTISTA, a service that uses AI technology to automatically deliver property information according to the individual needs of customers making purchase inquiries. By providing property information that is both highly accurate and detailed, the service guides customers to the optimal solution.

Rental housing service business

Progressive activities

Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation has entered into a business alliance with Enplus Inc. to introduce a new housing rental contract scheme tailored to foreigners living in Japan in anticipation of the recovery of inbound demand. We will continue to provide highly convenient services for residents of our properties.

Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation holds events for residents of large properties that it leases, manages and operates. At Shinonome Canal Court CODAN (Koto-ku, Tokyo; 1,712 units), owned by the Urban Renaissance Agency, we have held events such as flea markets and a summer festival.

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