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Realizing a future where anyone can be themselves and shine brightly through the creation of a variety of attractive lifestyles

The Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation (the “Group”) resolves social issues through its business activities as a corporate group that continually creates value while striving together with its stakeholders towards a sustainable society and lasting growth. The Group runs a wide range of businesses with a focus on five key companies, namely Tokyu Land Corporation, Tokyu Community Corporation, Tokyu Livable, Inc., Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation and National Students Information Center, which operate under group.

The origins of the Group lie with the Den-en Toshi Company, which was established by Eiichi Shibusawa and his associates in 1918. During an era of housing shortages in Tokyo due to urban development and population inflow, they adopted the “Garden City” concept that originated in England and created Den-en Chofu, which combines the advantages of both nature and the city. Over more than 100 years since, we have continued to pass down their high aspirations as “Challenge-oriented DNA” and work towards resolving various social issues.

There is ample reason to believe that in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will see the kind of paradigm shift that occurred after other major events such as the 2008 financial crisis or 2011 Tohoku earthquake in Japan. Just as the trend towards digitization that had already been underway was rapidly accelerated with the arrival of COVID-19, greater society, including the way people live and work, is undergoing significant change. The Group sees these developments as major business opportunities, and in order to drive management with a long-term perspective instead of being caught up in short-term changes, May 2021, we announced GROUP VISION 2030, our long-term vision that runs up to the fiscal year 2030.

Through the long-term vision, we aim to “realize a future where anyone can be themselves and shine brightly through the creation of a variety of attractive lifestyles.” To accomplish this, we have established environmental management and digital transformation (DX) as the Group policy and positioned the utilization of intellectual asset and collaborative creation with external partners as Business Policy. These approaches will lead to improved shareholder and corporate value going forward.

To realize our long-term vision, May 2022, we formulated our Medium-term management plan 2025. The fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 (FY2022) marked the first year of the medium-term management plan 2025. We strove during FY2022 to push ahead with the restructuring of our business portfolio, in line with a policy of improving our earnings power and efficiency, with an eye to achieving further growth in the post-COVID-19 environment. As a result, ROA, ROE and other indicators stipulated by the management plan improved, while operating revenue and operating profit both exceeded major milestones: ¥1 trillion and ¥100.0 billion, respectively. In short, we have made steady progress toward achieving our targets for FY2025.

Looking ahead, the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group will continue to promote structural reforms while maintaining financial discipline. The Group boasts many unique and diverse wings to give lift to its business and, through these reforms, we will update them into a portfolio that is a genuine powerhouse. Specifically, we will utilize DX and other solutions to connect data and know-how possessed by each business in a way that is conscious of overall optimization based on the customer perspective. In this way, we will restructure our value chain within the Group to enhance both the efficiency of business operations and the value of customer experience, with the aim of securing even higher profit and seizing a broader range of business opportunities. We will also remain focused on addressing environmental and social sustainability, which has become an integral part of our overall corporate activities. Sustainability has come to represent a clear area of the Group’s strength. By doing all of these things, we will strive to further improve our corporate value and grow into a company deserving of even higher evaluation by shareholders and investors.

Going forward, we will continue to preserve our founding spirit of Challenge-oriented DNA, and together with the more than 100 companies and around 30,000 employees of the Group, we will foster a unified and innovative organizational culture and continue to meet your expectations through the unceasing creation of value.

June 2023

hironori nishikawa

President & CEO