Group Initiatives


Group Initiatives

The Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group is working as one on a wide range of activities with the aim of becoming a corporate group that continues to create value.
In addition to collaborative business activities which demonstrate the Group’s diversity and originality, we are also putting effort into inner communication and recovery support projects.
This section highlights some of the Group’s initiatives.
We plan to publish further examples of the Group’s collaborative initiatives and other related content in the future.

Social Initiatives

Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support

Since 2011, the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group has continuously been engaged in activities to support recovery form the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Adapting to the New Normal as Society Changes with the COVID-19 Pandemic

New Lifestyle Creation Responding to the Arrival of the Digital Society

Hiroaki Hoshino

Operating Officer and Supervisor for General Management,
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation

Human Resource Initiatives

Inner communication.

We are working on inner communication activities connecting the 30,000 people of the Group, such as holding events and sharing knowledge.