Group Initiatives


Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support


Since 2011, the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group has continuously been engaged in activities to support recovery form the Great East Japan Earthquake.

What We Think - Ten Years After the Quake

Since we developed Den-en Chofu with the goal of creating ideal urban districts, the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group had placed importance on the "DNA of taking on challenges" and "consideration for the customer." Passionate about addressing social challenges and aiming to create a society where people can enjoy more affluent lives, we had moved beyond the bounds of physical frames.

Then came the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

We immediately considered what we could do as a Group, and launched the Disaster Recovery Support Project, which would make a swift and all-out effort to engage in various forms of assistance. Many employees from the Group volunteered.
Ten years have passed since the earthquake. We will continue to engage in various forms of recovery support by harnessing the Group's wide-ranging business domains, staying close to the disaster area and acting swiftly according to changing needs.

Main Initiatives

The Tohoku Suguremono Selection

Since 2011, TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS GROUP has carried out a variety of Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities, such as the employee volunteers’ activity in Rikuzentakata City and support for “Midori no Tohoku Genki Camp,” which intends to provide emotional care to children in Fukushima Prefecture psychologically affected by the earthquake. Marking the 5th anniversary of the earthquake on March 11, 2016, the TFHD Group will utilize its sales channels to set out a new initiative as a part of its business activities.
This new initiative consists of discovering and developing excellent food products, craftworks, and miscellaneous goods manufactured or produced in Rikuzentakata City, Kesennuma City, and other places in the Tohoku Area. These items will be sold as merchandise on an exclusive website under the Tohoku Suguremono Selection concept. The merchandise includes apple juice produced by the orchard to which the Group has been sending its volunteers, as well as kanroni (sweetened and boiled) made from the marine products of the fisheries cooperative association. We hope to see this initiative provide opportunities for people around the nation to discover excellent products from the Tohoku Area.

Midori no Tohoku Genki Camp

"Midori no Tohoku Genki Camp" is a program that is being carried out at Lake Onogawa in Urabandai with the intention of providing emotional care to children affected by the earthquake, mainly in Fukushima Prefecture, with the participation of people active in outdoor pursuits and certified clinical psychologists. Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group supported operation of the camp by providing albums and art supplies, arranging for authentic curry prepared by the chef of the Grandeco Hotel, places to stay, a bus shuttle service, and a talk by an expert on the green urban development project, taking and distributing on-site photographs, and assisting to ensure smooth running of the program.

"Midori no Tohoku Genki Camp" for Children Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake -Summer 2014

(August 21-24, 2014)

Volunteer Activities in Rikuzentakata

From 2011, we conducted continuous volunteer activities in Rikuzentakata. Over the five years until 2016, a total of more than 500 Group employees took part. The main activities were removing debris and mowing the grass, and from 2014 activities shifted to support for local farming and fisheries.

First Volunteer Activity in Rikuzentakata in FY2014

(July 25-27, 2014)

Revival Support Project from Ginza

From October 2011, Tokyu Fudosan provided the first and second floors of the Ginza TS Building, owned by the Group at the time, as a space for the East Japan Revival Support Project from Ginza. Beginning with an antenna shop selling agricultural produce from Ibaraki Prefecture and Ginza Ikinari Ichiba selling specialty products from the coastal areas stricken by the disaster in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, other stores have set up including Ginza Tsunagaru Shokudo [food court], which uses ingredients from Tohoku. We are also using this space to support charity event projects. The building was closed for demolition in August 2012, but from March 2013 this initiative evolved into the "Yappa Ginza da Beh" project, through which we support events for people to come together as well as economic recovery, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other organizations in coastal regions including Kesennuma, and various groups in Ginza.