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Message from the President

For a vibrantly shining future

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024 (FY2023), based on the medium-term management plan 2025, we continued striving to push ahead with the restructuring of our business portfolio, in line with a policy of improving our earnings power and efficiency, with an eye to achieving further growth in the post-COVID-19 environment. Thanks to a beneficial business environment, operating results in each segment have remained favorable, and we achieved the financial targets for FY2025, the final year of the plan, two years ahead of schedule.

In FY2024, we are working to create the next medium-term management plan that will serve as the long-term management policy for our resilience phase. Specifically, based on changes in the business environment, we positioned “strengthening the competitiveness of international cities” and “creating added value based on regional resources” as the central focus of our efforts going forward. We will continue aiming to further expand revenue by offering enhanced value to customers utilizing the Group’s characteristically broad business wings.

In the fields of the environment and sustainability, which are strengths of the Group, we published a TNFD report in FY2023, the first such report in the domestic real estate industry. In April 2024, Tokyu Land Corporation, which is one of the Group’s core companies, became the first domestic company (excluding financial institutions) to receive RE100 certification. These are just a couple examples of our accomplishments.

Going forward, we will continue working hard to enhance corporate value with the aim of garnering high praise from all our shareholders and investors.

I would like to thank our shareholders for their unwavering support and cooperation.

June 2024

Hironori Nishikawa

President & CEO