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Publication of the "DX Report"

In our long-term vision GROUP VISION 2030 announced in May 2021, we declared that WE ARE GREEN is the banner of the Group, and we aim to realize a future where everyone can be themselves and shine with vitality through the creation of attractive and diverse lifestyles by 2030, the target year of the vision. We have declared that we aim to realize a future in which everyone can be themselves and shine vigorously through the creation of a variety of attractive lifestyles. We have positioned "environmental management" and "DX" as the pillars of our company-wide policy to realize our ideal state, and we are working to become a corporate group that continuously creates new value by solving social issues through our business activities.

We have decided to publish the "2023 DX Report" as we did in the previous fiscal year in order to communicate our unique value creation process through "DX," which cannot be fully conveyed in our long-term vision, medium-term management plan, or annual integrated report. The purpose of this report is to provide our shareholders, investors, customers, business partners, group employees, and other stakeholders with a better understanding of our two corporate policies and initiatives.

Please refer to the Company's website for details of report.

2023 DX Report

2023 DX Report

Outline of the 2023 DX Report

DX Vision

  • In GROUP VISION 2030, we formulated "DX" as a company-wide policy. With the vision of digital fusion, aiming to eliminate all boundaries in society through DX and realize the ideal state.
  • The four key themes of DX are "Improving the centripetal force of the city," "Solving regional problems," "Realizing optimal lifestyles," and "Balancing job satisfaction and labor shortages''. We have produced a "DX Vision Movie" to express our vision of DX in more detail.

DX Strategy

  • Create new experiential value by digitally connecting group services, leveraging a wide range of business domains and abundant customer contacts. Maximize the value of assets and human resources through DX, and aim to create business models that are difficult to imitate by leveraging intellectual assets.
  • TFHD digital, a DX function company, supports the Group's DX promotion by acquiring advanced digital human resources from external sources and accumulating knowledge internally.

Policy on DX Initiatives

  • Promote DX based on the three policies of business process "Shifting to creative operations by promoting labor savings", CX "Creating inspiring experiences by enhancing customer touch points", and innovation "Creating new value by leveraging intellectual assets".
  • Seizing business opportunities and creating new businesses and services through group collaboration and partner co-creation, which are the hallmarks of the Group's DX promotion.
  • Many examples of business process and CX are underway throughout the Group, and advanced technologies worthy of innovation are being actively promoted through internal trials.

IT Infrastructure to Promote DX

  • We will strategically build and operate an IT infrastructure that is compatible with DX promotion, both from the standpoint of "defense" to increase information security and "offense" to hone our strengths in a wide range of business fields. Specifically, we will focus on "next-generation security network infrastructure," "flexible and company-wide optimal IT infrastructure," and "data utilization that takes advantage of the group's characteristics."
  • Continuing systematic information security activities in accordance with cybersecurity management guidelines, conducting assessments and external audits of activities, and evaluating activities and responding appropriately to issues.

Human Capital Base to Promote DX

  • Define the necessary skills for each level and role in promoting DX, and consider and promote measures to acquire skills across the Group.
  • In order to steadily achieve the target number of DX promotion human resources that we have recently set, we will carry out systematic training and appropriate human resource evaluation and placement.

Target Indicators and Progress

  • The Company is making steady progress against the target indicators for investments, initiatives, IT infrastructure and headcount set for the last fiscal year. We will continue to manage our performance on a regular basis, and through appropriate allocation of management resources and effective practice of trial and error, we will make a long-term and sustainable commitment to DX initiatives and ultimately realize financial contributions.
  • The Group's DX initiatives are in compliance with the "Digital Governance Code" issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.