Business Overview


Strategic Investment

Building next-generation infrastructure

Renewable energy power generation facilities, logistics facilities, overseas operations (North America and Asia), investment management

Business overview

Our Strategic Investment segment focuses on the development and building of infrastructure to support people’s lives, such as renewable energy power generation facilities and logistics facilities that address any changes in energy policies and industrial structures. We create diverse investment opportunities by developing our real estate investment management expertise both inside and outside of Japan. We are also promoting business in the United States, Indonesia, and other global markets by demonstrating our presence as a comprehensive developer.

Total Number of Businesses


Rated Capacity


Equivalent to the energy used by approximately83.8regular households*

CO2 emissions reduction


Calculated based on the average household using 4,716 kWh of energy per year (from the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association’s Fiscal 2023 Disclosure Guidelines)

Calculated using 438 g-CO2/kWh, the CO2  emissions factor of general power companies for transmission and distribution (excluding Okinawa Electric Power Company) released by the Japanese government (based on fiscal 2021 results)

*Includes joint ventures.


The values for rated capacity and CO2emissions reduction are before conversion to equities.


Figures for total number of businesses, rated capacity, and CO2  emissions reductions also include one rooftop business (completed locations and locations under development).

*MW values refer to the capacity of solar panels, etc.

Solar Power


65 (1,036.3MW)

In development

23 (73.3MW)


1,111 buildings in JAPAN)

Wind Power


6 (207.4MW)

In development

8 (231.8MW)



2 (56.5MW)

In development

3 (54.0MW)

(As of April , 2024)

Major projects

Infrastructure & Industry

Renewable energy power generation facilities

ReENE Matsumae Wind Power Plant
ReENE Zenibako Wind Farm
ReENE Namegata Solar Power Plant
Suzuran Kushirocho Solar Power Plant

Logistics facilities

LOGI'Q Hirakata
LOGI'Q Minamisunamachi
LOGI'Q Ayase
Ishikari City, Hokkaido Data Center PJ (tentative name)

Overseas Operations

425 Park Avenue
The Prato at Midtown
Mega Kuningan Project
Riveria Project

REIT and Fund Management

TLC REIT Management Inc.,

An asset management company that manages listed REIT companies Activia Properties Inc. and Comforia Residential REIT, Inc. and the private REIT Broadia Private REIT, Inc. As real estate management professionals, we also aim to maximize investor value by providing high-quality investment management services.

Tokyu Land Capital Management

An asset management company that organizes and operates private funds for various investments, including rental housing, offices, and commercial facilities as well as logistics facilities and renewable energy power generation businesses. We aim to maximize investor profits through dialogue by forming and operating funds that meet individual investors’ needs and formulating and implementing tailored exit strategies.