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Our Origin: Den-en Chofu Urban Development

Den-en Toshi Company was established in 1918 by Eiichi Shibusawa and others. The Company developed the Den-en Chofu district as a residential area in Tamagawadai, incorporating an English garden city concept offering the advantages of both natural and urban environments.

1918 Den-en Toshi Co. established

Den-en Toshi Co. begins selling real estate in the residential community of Senzoku and in Tamagawadai (now Den-en Chofu) in Japan's first "garden city" development project

1928 Meguro-Kamata Railway Co., Tokyu Corporation's predecessor, merges with Den-en Toshi Co.


Although Japan recovered after the Second World War and entered a period of rapid economic growth, a conspicuous housing shortage arose with population concentration in major metropolitan areas. To eliminate that shortage, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group provided housing and commercial facilities mainly in Shibuya, where the Group was based.


Tokyu Corporation spins off real estate division that becomes Tokyu Land Corporation (TLC)

1956 TLC listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(reassigned to the First Section of TSE in 1961)

Completion of Tokyu Skyline
Completion of first condominiums in the real estate industry

1959 Construction business assets and trade rights of TLC transferred to newly established Tokyu Construction Co.
1961 Advertising business of TLC abolished and transferred to newly established Tokyu Agency, Inc.
1969 Tokyu Home Service Co.(now Tokyu Amenix Corp.)established


Now that Japan had become an economic superpower, people sought spiritual enrichment and society, culture, and everyday life became more diverse. The Group promoted business diversification in property management, real estate brokerage, retailing, resorts and other areas, growing into a corporate group offering total lifestyle services.

1970 Tokyu Community Corp. established
1972 TLC established Area Service Co.
1973 TLC splits off its design supervision division and transfers it to newly-established Tokyu Architects & Engineers, Inc.

TOKYU HANDS INC. established

1978 Tokyu Resort Corp. established
Area Service Co. changes its trade name to Tokyu Land Area Service Co.
1980 TOKYU Bldg Maintenance CO., LTD. established
1982 TLC established Tokyu Home Corp.(now Tokyu Homes Corp.)

Tokeminami Planned Subdivision Project launched (now Asumigaoka)

Tokyu Home & Lifestyle Research Center established
1985 Tokyu Relocation Corp. established
Tokyu Sports Oasis, Inc., a membership sports club, established
1988 Tokyu Land Area Service Co. changes name to Tokyu Livable, Inc.


Amid the prolonged stagnation of the Japanese economy, land prices fell and people began to return to the cities. As lifestyles and values became more diverse, the Group shifted its focus from the development of suburban housing to the leasing of offices, commercial facilities, and other properties.

1990 TLC transfers its entire home sales business operations to Tokyu Livable Corp.

Opening of Setagaya Business Square
Completion of Tokyu's first super-high-rise building

1995 Kansai Tokyu Bldg Maintenance Co., Ltd. established
1998 Tokyu Community Corp. listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(reassigned to the First Section of TSE in 2000)
1999 Tokyu Livable, Inc., listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange(reassigned to the First Section of the TSE in 2001)
2000 Tokyu Community Corp. acquires shares in OSAKA KAIKAN CO.LTD.(trade name changed to TC-forum CO., LTD. in 2007)
TLC establishes EWEL, Inc.
2001 TLC and Tokyu Corporation established Tokyu Real Estate Investment Management, Inc.
Tokyu Resort Service Co. established
2002 Tokyu Insurance Consulting Corp. (a joint venture with other Tokyu Group companies) established
2003 TLC established E-Life Design, Inc.(now Tokyu E-life Design, Inc.)
Tokyu Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2007 TLC established Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc.
Tokyu Land Corporation(Shanghai)Ltd. established
2008 Tokyu Community Corp. acquires shares in YOGA DISTRICT HEATING AND COOLIN CO.,LTD
Tokyu Home Co. and Tokyu Amenix Corp. merge to form Tokyu Homes Corporation
2009 TLC established Tokyu Land SC Management Inc.
2010 Tokyu Community Corp. acquires shares in Daiichi Building Service K.K.
Comforia Residential REIT, Inc. established


Today responding to global climate change and the needs of a digital society are urgent issues. Promoting sustainable urban development leveraging the Group’s strengths, we have strived to create value that combines economic and environmental sustainability.

2011 Activia Properties Inc. established
2012 Tokyu Livable(Shanghai), Inc. established
Activia Properties Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2013 Comforia Residential REIT, Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tokyu Community Corp. acquires shares in United Communities Co., Ltd.
TLC, Tokyu Community Corp., and Tokyu Livable, Inc. delisted
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation established. (three companies delisted)
2014 Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation established
TOKYU HANDS INC. becomes wholly owned subsidiary
2015 Tokyu Relocation Co., Ltd. changes its trade name to Tokyu Stay Co., Ltd.
KANSAI TOKYU BILD.MAINTENANS merges with TOKYU BLDG. MAINTENANCE (The former taken over by the latter.)
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation headquarters moved to TK Minami-Aoyama Building
2016 National Students Information Center Co., Ltd. is converted to a wholly owned subsidiary.
2017 TLC REIT Management Inc. is founded associated with the organizational restructuring of three asset management companies.
Renovation business of Tokyu Community Co., Ltd. and Tokyu Homes Co., Ltd. are integrated to establish Tokyu Re・design Corporation
2018 Tokyu Small-amount Short-term Insurance Inc. established

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation headquarters moved to SHIBUYA SOLASTA.


Opening of SHIBUYA FUKURAS / Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Opens.
A complex facility arising from an urban redevelopment project

2020 Established Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. with the integration of affiliated companies in the hotel and resort businee.
2022 TFHD digital Inc. established
Shifted to the prime market due to the change in the market segment reclassification of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.