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Forecast for Fiscal Year 2024 Ending March 31, 2025

The forecasts and other forward-looking statements in this report are based on currently available information and certain assumptions determined as rational. Consequently, any statements herein do not constitute assurances regarding actual results by the Company. Actual performance may significantly differ from these forecasts due to various factors in the future.

Consolidated Financial Results Forecast [As of May 10, 2024]

The Group is forecasting record high operating revenue of ¥1,130.0 billion, operating profit of ¥130.0 billion, ordinary profit of ¥117.5 billion, and profit attributable to owners of parent of ¥70.0 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2025. Despite there being various uncertainties in the business outlook due to factors such as concerns regarding deepening inflation and rising domestic interest rates, we plan to achieve increases in revenues and profit due to factors that include the ongoing strong activity in the real estate transaction and condominium market.

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(Millions of yen)
FY2023 FY2024
Operating revenue 1,103,047 1,130,000 2.4%
Operating Profit 120,238 130,000 8.1%
Ordinary Profit 110,391 117,500 6.4%
Profit attributable to owners of parent 68,545 70,000 2.1%

Segment Forecast [As of May 10, 2024]

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(Billions of yen)
FY2023 FY2024
Urban Development Operating revenue 365.4 371.0
Operating Profit 53.2 70.7
Strategic Investment Operating revenue 108.0 103.7
Operating Profit 15.1 4.4
Property Management & Operation Operating revenue 371.5 356.0
Operating Profit 22.8 23.4
Real Estate Agents Operating revenue 285.6 323.0
Operating Profit 38.5 43.0

The values for each of the above segments do not include the values for "Adjustment for Inter-Company Transactions".

Dividend payout ratio [As of May 10, 2024]

FY2023 FY2024
Dividend payout ratio 32.2% 32.6%