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Group Philosophy

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group Philosophy

The Group Philosophy consists of our ideal vision, our pledge to society, and our founding spirit. Since our founding, we have been working to resolve social issues through business activities. We aim to become a corporate group that continues to create value to build a sustainable society and achieve sustainable growth.

Our ideal vision

Create value for the future

We resolve social issues through our business activities and aim for sustainable society and growth together with our stakeholders.
We realize a future where everyone can be themselves and shine vigorously through the creation of a variety of appealing lifestyles.

Our pledge to society

We believe that corporate value is the sum total of the levels of satisfaction of all of our stakeholders.

  • Customers

    Always coming face-to-face with customers, we will provide value that will ensure that we continue to be chosen by them.

  • Group employees

    We develop human capital who can tackle challenges and create workstyle environments where Group employees can work actively.

  • Business partners

    We will create value in partnerships and aim to achieve growth together with our partners.

  • Local communities

    We will contribute to a sustainable society by initiatives to coexist with communities and revitalize them.

  • Shareholders and investors

    We will maximize shareholder value through sustainable growth.

  • Future society

    We aspire to pass on to future generations a world full of hope with a rich environment.

Our founding spirit

"Challenge-oriented DNA"

A progressive spirit inherited since the development of Den-en Chofu, a pioneering effort to create the ideal town

We have announced GROUP VISION 2030, our long-term vision toward 2030.

Symbol Mark


The design of our logo mark incorporates the company name Tokyu Fudosan Holdings at the top of the Tokyu Group’s symbol for integration. The elliptical shape at the center of the mark represents the earth, while the white shape inside the ellipse is a stylized representation of the initial T of Tokyu. The three bow-shaped arcs below it represent the four business areas of the Tokyu Group (at the time of the design). The way the arcs spread outwards sequentially and extend towards the top expresses our aim to promote the endless growth, expansion and development of these businesses.