How to Use the Website

How to Use the Website

1. Recommended OS and Web Browser

For the best viewing experience on this site, we recommend using the following OS and Browser environments.
Please note that portions of the site may not operate properly if the site is viewed using an OS or Browser that is different from those recommended below.

・Recommended OS.

Windows 7 or higher
Mac OS X or higher

・Recommended Browser

Windows / Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
Windows / Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari(latest versions)
Mac / Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 8.0(latest versions)


In order to provide a more convenient viewing experience to users, the site uses JavaScript.
If JavaScript is not available or is disabled, the site may not display content correctly.


iPhone 4 or higher / iOS 6 or higher
Android 4.2 or higher

2. Functions of the Site

・Increasing the font size

The site has been designed with universal design in mind. As such, users have the ability to change the displayed font size to increase the overall readability of the site.

  • By clicking [L], a large font size will be displayed.
  • By clicking [M], the default font size will be displayed.
  • By clicking [S], a smaller font size will be displayed.


You can search for information on this website.


RSS is a function users are notified of updates when a website is revised. On the site, RSS is used to transmit updates regarding news releases that are published on the site. By adding the site’s link to a RSS reader, the user is able to check for any updates to the site without actually accessing the site.
* Please note that in order to read RSS data, a RSS reader along with a compatible browser and service is necessary.

・Using the RSS Function

  • • Please note that we are not able to answer specific questions regarding software operating environments, format compatibility, installation methods and other user queries. Please find the answers to these on the websites of the companies that supply the software.
  • • Please note that due to system related issues, RSS updates may be suspended or terminated without any prior notice.
  • • RSS updates provided by the site can only be used by individuals.
  • • The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by a user arising from the use of the RSS function.

・Page where RSS feed is performed

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings News Release

Notice from Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Registered address for RSS feed

Information from operating companies Registered address for RSS feed

Registered address for IR information RSS feed

3. Icons

  • A new browser window will be launched.
  • In order to view PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
  • In order to view Excel files, you must have Microsoft Office Excel installed on your computer.

4. Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are a type of external software program that expands the functionality of web browsers. In order to effectively view the contents published on the site, the following plug-ins are recommended to be installed. Please download the most recent version of the plug-ins using the links below:

5. About Our Smartphone Site

Corporate Profile & Organization Chart, News release and IR information are available from our smartphone site.

  • Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Major External Evaluations and Awards