Main business descriptions

The Urban Development segment provides optimal services for a variety of needs related to urban real estate such as development and management of office buildings and commercial facilities, complex redevelopment projects, real estate investment trust management, and management of rental housing.

Creating prosperous cities alive with people

  • Development in Tokyo

  • Offices

  • Commercial Facilities

  • Investment Management

  • Management of rental housing

Development in Tokyo





  • Shibuya Sakuragaoka Block Redevelopment Plan

    Shibuya Sakuragaoka Block Redevelopment Project

  • Takeshiba Urban Redevelopment Project(tentative name)

    Takeshiba Urban Redevelopment Project(tentative name)

Examples of office buildings

  • Shibuya Minami Tokyu

    Shibuya Minami Tokyu bldg.

  • Shin-Aoyama Tokyu

    Shin-Aoyama Tokyu bldg.

  • Spline Aoyama Tokyu

    Spline Aoyama Tokyu bldg.

  • Hibiya Parkfront

    Hibiya Parkfront

Commerical facility brand

  • Tokyu Plaza

    Tokyu Plaza

  • Q Plaza

    Q Plaza

  • Q'sMALL

    Q's MALL

  • Market Square

    Market Square

Urban Development Segment

Segment Overview As of March 31, 2018

Office building
floor space

592,000 m2 60 buildings

No. of rental housing
under management


No. of corporate housing
under management


Commercial facility
floor space

846,000 m2 31 buildings

Assets under management

¥988.6 billion

※ Including student residences

Segment Strengths

Development of unique facilities and ability to
drive business

Excellent office building portfolio

Ratio of assets in four central wards of Tokyo 81%
(As of March 31, 2018)
Ratio of relatively new assets since 2001 65%

Brand development for rental housing

Brand development for rental housing

Business Model

Business Model