Business summary

We offer comprehensive support for management, operations, and renovations of a variety of buildings, including condominiums, buildings, commercial facilities, public facilities, and public housing. We are contributing to the sustained enhancement of our customers' living environment and value of our assets through the formation of high quality social stock.

Business fields
Condominium management / Building and facility management / Renovation construction

Value Provided Through Businesses
A Comfortable Urban Life / Safe and Secure Housing

Segment Overview As of March 31, 2020

No. of condominium
under management

Approx.829,000 units

No. of condominium
under comprehensive
management included in
the above

Approx.525,000 units

※Number of units under comprehensive
management: The number of units under
management entrusted by condominium
management associations

No. of public housing
properites under
designated management

Approx.194,000 units

No. of buildings and other
properties under management
(including designated management properties and PFI properties)

1,561 properties

Initiatives for social issues

Promoting Personnel and Labor Saving through DX

Tokyu Community Technical Training Center NOTIA, which commenced operations in May 2019, has introduced cutting-edge Nearly ZEB environmental technologies. The center has been working to progress initiatives based on the concepts of having the building itself as a research material and providing a place for demonstrative testing of new technologies. At NOTIA, we are working in a joint effort with Cyberdyne Inc. to develop and demonstratively test a robot-oriented elevator control system designed to cater to major Japanese manufactures. It is an advanced system that will enable cleaning robots and other service robots to use elevators by themselves. By building next-generation management methods that will enable personnel saving through the utilization of robots and other new technologies, we will help to alleviate labor shortages and cater to new needs for contactless services created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demonstrative testing of an elevator control system for robots

Demonstrative testing of an elevator
control system for robots



Examples of initiatives

Examples of buildings under management(Condomoniums, office buildings and commercial facilities)

  • Futako Tamagawa Rise

    Futako Tamagawa Rise

  • JP Tower Nagoya

    JP Tower Nagoya

  • UR rental housing(Comfor Kasumigaoka)

    UR rental housing
    (Comfor Kasumigaoka)

  • BRANZ City Shinagawa Katsushima

    BRANZ City Shinagawa Katsushima

Examples of buildings under management(Public facilities)

  • Planetarium(inside Gotanda Cultural Center)

    (inside Gotanda Cultural Center)

  • Kita-Kyushu Airport terminal

    Kita-Kyushu Airport terminal

  • Ogasayama Nature and Sports Park(ECOPA Stadium)

    Ogasayama Nature and Sports Park
    (ECOPA Stadium)

  • House of Councilors Members' Building

    House of Councilors Members' Building