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Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
LIVABLE ASSET MANAGEMENT INC.(Japanese) The company operates and manages rental real estate under the motto “Providing homes that fill residents with pride”. Real Estate Agents


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
NATIONAL STUDENTS INFORMATION CENTER The company provides student apartment and dormitory services in the major metropolitan areas. Leveraging its extensive connections with educational institutions, the company builds strong relationships of trust with universities, students and communities. Real Estate Agents


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Residential Partners Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company provides guarantees for rent, etc. under real estate lease agreements and sells and leases furniture, fixtures, fittings and electrical appliances. Real Estate Agents


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Tokyu Corporate Housing Management Inc. (Japanese) The company provides one-stop corporate housing management services, including introduction of rental properties, execution of contracts, payment, renewal of contracts, and adjustments. Real Estate Agents
Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation The company is mainly involved in the lease, management and operation of real estate, providing services and products to meet the various needs of customers including services for overseas investors and consulting services. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LIVABLE STAFF CORPORATION (Japanese) The company offers a range of services including temporary staffing, introduction of human resources, support for the preparation of promotional materials, as well as various services to assist individual customers moving into new homes. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LIVABLE(TAIWAN),INC. (Chinese) The company is a Taiwanese subsidiary engaged in support operations related to real estate investment in Japan from Taiwan. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LIVABLE,INC. With Purchase/Sale/Rental Brokerage, Sales Agency, Real Estate Sales, and Real Estate Solutions as its four business pillars, Tokyu Livable operates a comprehensive real estate distribution business via a network that extends across Japan. Real Estate Agents
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