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Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
PT. Tokyu Land indnesia TOKYU LAND INDONESIA operates an urban real estate business that includes real estate sales, leasing of owned property, and property management and operation in Indonesia. With full access to the resources and know-how of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS Group, TOKYU LAND INDONESIA strives to be the leading Japanese-affiliated developer in Indonesia. Strategic Investment


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
TLC REIT Management Inc. As an asset management company, TLC REIT Management operates Activia Properties, Inc. Comforia Residential Investment Corp., and Broadia Private REIT, Inc. Strategic Investment
Tokyu Land Asia Pte. Ltd. Strategic Investment
TOKYU LAND CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC. As an asset management company, Tokyu Land Capital Management operates private funds across a wide range of asset classes, and is also investing in new areas, including investments in infrastructure industries and outbound investments. Strategic Investment
TOKYU LAND CORPORATION (SHANGHAI) LTD. The company runs a real estate consulting business in China. It is steadily expanding its business in this enormous market by applying the real estate experience and expertise it has developed in Japan. Strategic Investment
Tokyu Land US Corporation This company runs businesses in the United States, including real estate development and lease management businesses, focused on real estate investment. Through collaboration with Japanese and US corporations, the company aims to build and expand its business portfolio. Strategic Investment
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