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Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Bousoukouhatsu Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Tsurumai Country Club golf course (Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
COMMUNITY ONE CO., LTD. (Japanese) Community One is a condominium management services provider which, through its services, forges the future by writing the story of each individual according to the condominium, the times and the environment. Property Management


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
DAI-ICHI Building Service Inc. (Japanese) As a provider of condominium and building management services, the company consistently provides high quality services in line with its philosophy that comfort is what makes us feel human. Property Management


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
EWEL,Inc. (Japanese) As a Welfare Programs outsourcer, EWEL provides one-stop solutions that encompass consulting, system construction, institutional operation, and the offering of individual services. Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
HANDS LAB INC. (Japanese) Hands Lab specializes in IT solutions for the retail industry. Leveraging its extensive knowhow of AWS cloud services and retail system development, the company proposes and develops the optimal systems for customers. Tokyu Hands
Hunter Mountain shiobara Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Hunter Mountain Shiobara ski resort (Shiobara, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture) and the Mt. JEANS Ski Resort Nasu (Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
INFIELD CO.,LTD (Japanese) The company provides conference services (conference hall and conference room rental) in the city center. With the support of professional venue operators, including experts in acoustic equipment and facilities, the company develops regular users of its conference venues. Property Management
INTEGRATED RESIDENTIAI INFORMATION CENTER ,JAPAN CO.LTD. (Japanese) The company plans and operates Housquare Yokohama which offers information about housing. Urban Development
ISHIKATSU EXTERIOR INC.(Japanese) ISHIKATSU EXTERIOR boasts a total engineering system that integrates artisan techniques with planning and design capabilities and uses its proprietary landscape gardening technology to provide landscaping services for projects ranging from residential to resort development. Innovation Business
IZU KANKOU KAIHATSU (Japanese) The company sells villas (detached houses, condominiums, land) in Amagikogen (Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Kansai Country Club Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Kansai Country Club golf course (Nishibetsuincho, Kameoka, Kyoto Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Life & Work Design Co., Ltd. The company operates and manages the Business-Airport membership-based satellite office service, with four offices in Aoyama, Shinagawa, Tokyo and Marunouchi. Urban Development
LIVABLE ASSET MANAGEMENT INC.(Japanese) The company operates and manages rental real estate under the motto “Providing homes that fill residents with pride”. Real Estate Agents


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
MARIMO COMMUNITY CO.LTD (Japanese) Working alongside condominium residents, MARIMO COMMUNITY manages condominiums, offering a secure, safe and comfortable life. Property Management
Miki Yokawa Country Club Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Mikiyokawa Country Club golf course (Kuchiyokawacho, Miki, Hyogo Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
NATIONAL STUDENTS INFORMATION CENTER The company provides student apartment and dormitory services in the major metropolitan areas. Leveraging its extensive connections with educational institutions, the company builds strong relationships of trust with universities, students and communities. Urban Development
NISEKO TOKYU RESORT CO.,LTD. (Japanese) The company operates the NISEKO Mt. RESORT Grand HIRAFU ski resort (Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Ohtakijo Golf Club Corporation (Japanese) The company operates the Otakijo Golf Club golf course (Otaki, Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture). Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
PACIFIC ISLANDS DEVELOPMENT CORP.(P.I.D.C) (Japanese) The company operates the Palau Pacific Resort (Republic of Palau). Wellness
PT. Tokyu Land indnesia TOKYU LAND INDONESIA operates an urban real estate business that includes real estate sales, leasing of owned property, and property management and operation in Indonesia. With full access to the resources and know-how of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS Group, TOKYU LAND INDONESIA strives to be the leading Japanese-affiliated developer in Indonesia. Innovation Business


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Residential Partners Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company provides guarantees for rent, etc. under real estate lease agreements and sells and leases furniture, fixtures, fittings and electrical appliances. Urban Development


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Sakura Golf Kaihatsu Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Asakura Golf Club golf course (Uchida, Sakura, Chiba Prefecture). Wellness
Sashima Country Club Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Sashima Country Club golf course (Bando, Ibaraki Prefecture). Wellness
Shibayama Golf Club Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Shibayama Golf Club golf course (Shibayama, Sanbu District, Chiba Prefecture). Wellness
SHINDAI-BYOIN PARKING SERVICE The company is a special purpose corporation established through the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) method for PFI project. It operates a parking lot for the hospital attached to Medical Faculty, Kobe University. Property Management
SHONAN COMMUNITY As provider of comprehensive operation and management services to Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, the company provides support services to the media center, training rooms, and administrative offices, including managing cleaning, security and facilities. Property Management


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
Tangram Madarao Co.,Ltd. (Japanese) The company operates the Tangram Madarao complex resort facility (Shinano, Kamiminochi District, Nagano Prefecture). Wellness
TC FORUM CORP.(Japanese) The company provides conference room rental services in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya. Permanent staff provide services tailored to meet diverse needs, including venue layout and catering arrangements. Property Management
TLC REIT Management Inc. As an asset management company, TLC REIT Management operates Activia Properties, Inc. Comforia Residential Investment Corp., and Broadia Private REIT, Inc. Urban Development
TOKYU BLDG. MAINTENANCE (Japanese) The company provides comprehensive building maintenance services, offering complete satisfaction through “high quality” services based on 30 years’ experience and “cost performance” backed by knowhow. Property Management
TOKYU COMMUNITY CORP. As the ideal partner for creating future value, Tokyu Community offers comprehensive real estate management services, providing total support in areas such as condominium management and operation, building and facility management, and management and operation of public facilities. Property Management
Tokyu Corporate Housing Management Inc. (Japanese) The company provides one-stop corporate housing management services, including introduction of rental properties, execution of contracts, payment, renewal of contracts, and adjustments. Urban Development
TOKYU E-LIFE DESIGN Inc. (Japanese) The company operates senior housing Grancreer, fee-based assisted nursing homes and one-stop services for the elderly, making use of its expertise in housing development and facility operation. Wellness
Tokyu Fudosan Next Generation Engineering Center Inc. (Japanese) The company aims to solve social issues and create new value on the theme “Evolution of Cities and Lifestyles” by identifying, nurturing and implementing next-generation technologies and business seeds. Innovation Business
TOKYU HANDS INC. Aiming to help create living culture, TOKYU HANDS operates department stores specializing in living, lifestyles, handcraft-related tools, materials and parts. Tokyu Hands
TOKYU HANDS SINGAPORE Pte Ltd The company operates three Tokyu Hands stores in Singapore (Jurong East, Orchard and Suntec City stores). Tokyu Hands
Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation The company is mainly involved in the lease, management and operation of real estate, providing services and products to meet the various needs of customers including services for overseas investors and consulting services. Urban Development
Tokyu Land Asia Pte. Ltd. Innovation Business
TOKYU LAND CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC. As an asset management company, Tokyu Land Capital Management operates private funds across a wide range of asset classes, and is also investing in new areas, including investments in infrastructure industries and outbound investments. Urban Development
TOKYU LAND CORPORATION The company provides comprehensive real estate services in areas such as urban development, office buildings, commercial facilities, condominiums, hotels, resort facilities, overseas business, investment management business and real estate solutions. Urban Development/Residential/Wellness/Innovation Business
TOKYU LAND CORPORATION (SHANGHAI) LTD. The company runs a real estate consulting business in China. It is steadily expanding its business in this enormous market by applying the real estate experience and expertise it has developed in Japan. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LAND SC MANAGEMENT CORPORATION (Japanese) The company engages in operation, management, planning and consulting with regard to commercial facilities in a bid to create unique, lively and attractive commercial facilities and spaces and thereby to contribute to regional development and society. Urban Development
Tokyu Land US Corporation This company runs businesses in the United States, including real estate development and lease management businesses, focused on real estate investment. Through collaboration with Japanese and US corporations, the company aims to build and expand its business portfolio. Innovation Business
TOKYU LIVABLE STAFF CORPORATION (Japanese) The company offers a range of services including temporary staffing, introduction of human resources, support for the preparation of promotional materials, as well as various services to assist individual customers moving into new homes. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LIVABLE(TAIWAN),INC. (Chinese) The company is a Taiwanese subsidiary engaged in support operations related to real estate investment in Japan from Taiwan. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU LIVABLE,INC. With Purchase/Sale/Rental Brokerage, Sales Agency, Real Estate Sales, and Real Estate Solutions as its four business pillars, Tokyu Livable operates a comprehensive real estate distribution business via a network that extends across Japan. Real Estate Agents
TOKYU RESORT CORPORATION (Japanese) The company helps customers enjoy their resort life with new commissioned sales and brokerage services for resort villas and resort condominiums nationwide, in addition to Tokyu Harvest Club membership resort hotels. Wellness
Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. Tokyu Resorts & Stays is a comprehensive operating company involved with the operation of more than 100 facilities around Japan. Utilizing the operating skills we have cultivated over many years and a track record on numerous projects in the private and public sectors, we offer three operational support services: contracted operation, management agreements and consulting agreements. Wellness
Tokyu Re・design Corporation Property Management
Tokyu Small-amount Short-term Insurance Inc. Wellness
TOKYU SPORTS OASIS Inc. (Japanese) The company operates membership-based fitness clubs chiefly in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. They provide a broad array of programs ranging from full exercise to relaxation to meet customers' needs. Wellness


Name of Company Business Descriptions Business segment
YOGA DISTRICT HEATING AND COOLING CO.,LTD. The company supplies the heat medium (steam and cooling water) of the district heating and cooling system for the Setagaya Business Square, a platform facility in the community, and the surrounding district. Property Management