Privacy policy for shareholders

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Privacy policy for shareholders

Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group shall treat shareholder's personal information in an appropriate manner as per policies based upon the Company Law, laws related to the protection of personal information and the Group's personal information safeguarding policies, and will make every effort to protect said information. For the purpose of this policy, the term "shareholder" means those shareholders (including beneficial shareholders) and registered share pledges or their legal representatives who are individuals listed or recorded in the register of shareholders or the register of beneficial shareholders.

(1) Purpose of use

  • The Group may use Shareholder Personal Information for the following purposes:
  • (1)For the exercise of shareholder rights and performance of duties in accordance with the "Companies Act"
  • (2)To provide information on the business operations from the Group to shareholders in their capacity as shareholders.
  • (3)To implement various measures for an efficient and effective relationship between shareholders and the Group.
  • (4)To offer various shareholder benefits.
  • For the collation of data and statistics in order to conduct items 1 to 4 stated above.
  • Data preparation and statistical processing for completing the items listed above.

(2) Enquiries Concerning Privacy Policy for Shareholders

The Group has entrusted the administration of its shareholders' register to the Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limited., which will store and manage the register in accordance with the memorandum on the administration of the register.

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