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Financial Highlights
FY2013 Ended Mar-31, 2014





FY2013 Financial Highlights

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Summary of the Medium-term Management Plan, Value Innovation 2013

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FY2013 Financial Highlights

First, I would like to explain the main topics for the fiscal year ended March 2014.

In the fiscal year ended March 2014, the Company adopted a holding company system in October to exert the Group's comprehensive capabilities to the maximum extent.

In December, the Company decided to sell part of Times Square Building (the part of the building equivalent to land leasehold rights) in Shinjuku to Takashimaya Co., Ltd. for ¥105 billion, and the transfer was completed in March.

Conversely, the Company decided to acquire Ebisu Prime Square, Shiodome Building and other office buildings and commercial facilities in its efforts to replenish and improve its portfolio.

Meanwhile, in the fiscal year ended March 2014, the final year of the medium-term management plan Value Innovation 2013, which was first introduced in the fiscal year ended March 2012, the Company achieved its numerical goals by recording operating income of ¥60 billion and a DE ratio of 3.9 or less, and it also generated positive results in the key strategies. I will explain the details later.