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Financial Highlights FY2011 Ended Mar-31, 2012





FY2011 Operating Results

FY2011 Segment performance

Summary of balance sheets

Properties expected to be sold to Activia Properties Inc.

FY2012 Forecast (Operating Results)

FY2012 Forecast (Segment performance)

Leasing of Real Estate

Real Estate Sales

Facility Operations

Other Segments

Progress of Medium-Term Management Plan [Value Innovation 2013]

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FY2011 Segment performance

I would like to move on to describe our segment performance.

Both revenues and income increased in three segments: Contracted Construction, Retail Sales, and Facility Operations. Revenues declined, but income increased in the Real Estate Sales segment. Revenues increased, but income declined in the Property Management segment. Both revenues and income decreased in two segments of Leasing of Real Estate and Real Estate Agents.

I will explain the performance of each segment in detail later.