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FY2020 First Quarter (First Three Months) Ended June 30, 2020






Overview of the FY2020 First Quarter (First Three Months) Ended June 30, 2020

FY2020 Q1 (First Three Months) Operating Results

Effects of the Coronavirus in FY2020 Q1 (First Three Months)

FY2020 Q1 (First Three Months) Segment performance

FY2020 Q1 (First Three Months) Summary of balance sheets

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FY2020 Q1 (First Three Months)

I will now move on to the Tokyu Hands segment.

In the first quarter, the segment posted declines in both revenue and profit mainly due to the closure of stores amid the spread of the coronavirus and shorter opening hours after the state of emergency was lifted.

In our full-year forecast, we project lower revenue and lower profit due to the closure and shorter opening hours of stores associated with the spread of the coronavirus.

We are working to further strengthen other pillars of earning such as the EC business in response to changing lifestyles under the new normal.