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Development of Business to Address Social Issues

Let me describe some of the Group’s operations that will be relevant to society after the spread of the coronavirus ends.

The Group has accurately identified social issues that have changed with the times and has created unique value, taking advantage of its strengths.

The spread of the coronavirus is changing traditional lifestyles and workstyles dramatically. I would like to describe operations that will be relevant to society after the spread of the coronavirus ends.
The first example is the Smart City initiative in Tokyo PortCity Takeshiba.

Our project was recently selected as a model project under the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Smart Tokyo strategy. Our Smart City initiative will create add value across the Takeshiba District as a whole.

The second example is our renewable energy business and regional revitalization through projects.
This is the green energy social infrastructure business and, besides expecting stable revenue that will be unaffected by economic fluctuations, we also intend to achieve regional revitalization through the implementation of projects such as our initiative in Matsumae-cho.

The third example is promotion of smart logistics at our logistics facilities.

Demand for logistics facilities is increasing as e-commerce is developing. Through the provision of IoT solutions and data analysis, we will save labor and promote digitalization, aiming to create added value in our logistics services.

The fourth example is the provision of new working spaces in response to diverse working styles.

We have introduced shared office space such as business airports, the Workation option utilizing the assets of the Wellness business, and the Unit Space option as a collaboration with other companies in the Residence business in order to offer mechanisms which make working from home a more pleasant experience, and we intend to utilize the Group's knowhow to offer further solutions in the future.

Lastly, I will describe WEBGYM, an anytime anywhere fitness service.

WEBGYM enables users to attend exercise classes on video via apps and to maintain physical fitness or to eliminate health concerns by working out anytime, anywhere.

The Group will continue to create value, leveraging its wide range of business fields and many points of contact with customers. This brings me to the end of my presentation.