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FY2014 Q2 (First Six Months) Operating Results

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FY2014 Q2 (First Six Months) Operating Results

Now, let me explain the overview of Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation's operating results for the first six months of the fiscal year ending March 2015.

Operating revenue increased ¥28.3 billion year on year, to ¥322.3 billion, but operating income declined ¥0.2 billion, to ¥24.9 billion, and ordinary income decreased ¥0.6 billion, to ¥19.5 billion.

Revenue increased due to an increase in sales of properties including buildings for investors. Although income increased in the Urban Development and the Residential segments, operating income declined mainly due to an increase in the amortization of goodwill associated with the change to the holding company.

Net income was ¥11.2 billion, up ¥2.1 billion year on year, mainly reflecting the improvement of minority interests in income with the changes to the holding company.