Business summary

We are pursuing residential development that responds to the changes of the times, including the advancement of the decreasing birthrate and aging population and the diversification of lifestyles. We are contributing to local societies through disaster prevention and deterioration measures, revitalization of local communities, and initiatives that are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

Business fields
Condominiums development / Rental housing units development (rental condominiums and student residences)

Value Provided Through Businesses
A Comfortable Urban Life / Safe and Secure Housing

Segment Overview As of March 31, 2020

Fiscal 2019
Number of houses built for sale supplied

2,260 units

Tokyo metropolitan area

1,674 units

Kansai and other areas

586 units

Initiatives for Social Issues

Provision of Professional Daycare Services Inside Condominium Buildings

At BRANZ CITY Chofu, as a collaborative service with an NPO, TOKYU LAND CORPORATION will introduce a Childcare Family Support Service: a membership-based service available only to residents, which seeks to alleviate childcare problems and enable residents to spend quality time with their families. Residents will be able to make use of shared kitchens, children’s spaces and other communal facilities; a Daycare Service in which dedicated childminders care for children after preschool, kindergarten and elementary school; and an Evening Meal Service that provides weekday evening meals for children on a reservation basis. The service will also offer events and childcare consultations. Moving forward, TOKYU LAND CORPORATION will provide more new lifestyle solutions with awareness of diversifying work lifestyles and social issues such as the declining birthrate and aging population.

BRANZ CITY Chofu (Completion: January 2021[planned])Rendering

(Completion: January 2021[planned])



Examples of initiatives

Housing brand

  • Condominium and Detached Housing: BRANZ」Condominium and Detached Housing: BRANZ
  • Urban Rental Residences: COMFORIAUrban Rental Residences: COMFORIA
  • Student Residences: CAMPUS VILLAGEStudent Residences: CAMPUS VILLAGE

Examples of condomoniums(Subdivision)

  • BRANZ Tower ToyosuRendering

    BRANZ Tower Toyosu

  • BRANZ City AzaminoRendering

    BRANZ City Azamino

  • BRANZ Tower OofunaRendering

    BRANZ Tower Ofuna

  • BRANZ Koshien-guchi Futami-choRendering

    BRANZ Koshien-guchi Futami-cho

Examples of condomoniums(Rent)

  • COMFORIA Shinnakano

    COMFORIA Shinnakano

  • COMFORIA Kitahorie 1-chome

    COMFORIA Kitahorie 1-chome

  • CAMPUS VILLAGE Shiinamachi

    CAMPUS VILLAGE Shiinamachi

  • CAMPUS VILLAGE Kyoto Nishikyogoku

    Kyoto Nishikyogoku