Business summary

We are creating and expanding new business fields, including our overseas business and our landscaping and greening business. In our overseas business, centered around Indonesia and the United States, we are developing a business aimed at demonstrating our presence as a comprehensive developer.

Business fields
Overseas (North America and Asia) / Landscaping and greening

Value Provided Through Businesses
A Comfortable Urban Life / Safe and Secure Housing

Segment Overview As of March 31, 2020

Global Expansion of the Real Estate Business

United States,
Indonesia, China

No. of units currently under construction as a part of condominium complex development projects in Indonesia

Approx. 5,200 units

※Includes certain joint business activities.

Initiatives for social issues

Making Jakarta a Pedestrian Friendly City Using Japanese Experience

With the support of the Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN), PT. Tokyu Land Indonesia is developing multi-purpose facilities consisting of condominiums, rental housing and commercial facilities on a 1ha plot of land in the Mega Kuningan area, in the center of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, which is currently undergoing large-scale redevelopment. As part of the development, we have widened all frontal roads in the development area, contributed to the smoothing traffic flow in the district, and proactively added greenery to the front of the first floor of the commercial facilities. Combined with other features, the design — which pays consideration to frontal roads makes this development one of only a handful of areas in Jakarta where people can live and get around easily on foot. Utilizing its track record of over 40 years in business in Indonesia, PT. Tokyu Land Indonesia will continue working to develop urban areas that will help promote employment, contribute to the economic growth of the country and be loved by the local people.

BRANZ MEGA KUNINGAN (Open: FY2023 [planned])Rendering

BRANZ MEGA KUNINGAN (Open: FY2023 [planned])



Examples of initiatives

Examples of overseas projects

  • 425 Park Avenue(USA / New York)Rending

    425 Park Avenue
    (USA / New York)

  • BRANZ BSD (Indonesia)


  • BRANZ SIMATUPANG (Indonesia)


  • Mega Kuningan project(Indonesia)Rending

    Mega Kuningan project