Main business descriptions

The Innovation Business segment develops overseas businesses, and creates and promotes new business fields, such as custom-built houses, renovation projects and greenification.

Developing new fields

  • Overseas businesses

  • Custom-built houses・Renovation

  • Greenification

Examples of overseas projects

  • 425 Park Avenue, New York

    425 Park Avenue
    (USA / New York)

  • BRANZ BSD in suburban Jakarta


  • BRANZ Simatupang in Jakarta

    BRANZ Simatupang

  • SAKURA REGENCY 3(インドネシア)


Innovation Business segment

Segment Overview As of March 31, 2018

Global Expansion of the Real Estate Business

United States,
Indonesia, China

No. of units currently under construction as a part of condominium complex development projects in Indonesia

Approx. 4,400 units

※Includes certain joint business activities.

Overseas Business Strategies

The Ideal
Exhibiting our presence as a comprehensive developer in overseas business

The Group is expanding overseas business with a focus on the United States, where stable growth is expected, and in Asia, particularly Indonesia, where growth is rapid.
  In the United States, we are achieving results through steady implementation of the 425 Park Avenue redevelopment project in New York City’s Manhattan borough and seek to build a stable business foundation by making use of our presence. We are considering investment from the perspective of asset allocation as well.
  Since entering Indonesia in 1975, the Group has established solid results and a strong reputation by developing a cumulative total of roughly 4,500 detached housing residences. We are currently undertaking development of luxury condominiums and selling BRANZ Simatupang and BRANZ BSD. These efforts have been praised, and PT. Tokyu Land Indonesia was selected as one of Indonesia’s top 10 developers in 2017 by BCI Asia. BCI Asia has been preparing such lists in seven Southeast Asian countries since 2011, and this was the first time that a foreign-affiliated developer was selected in Indonesia. Going forward, we will expand and stabilize the residential business by using our own development, sales, and property management structures with the aim of establishing our presence as the leading foreign-affiliated developer.
  In China, the Group is engaged in the management of the Towakogu serviced apartments that are mainly for Japanese expatriate use. Making the most of real estate business experience and know-how in Japan, the Group is taking steps to push forward this business.